Sep 04

2014 NFL Predictions

Since everyone in the world rolled out their NFL predictions this year, here’s mine, The playoff teams and seeds are, AFC 1.) Indianapolis Colts 2.) Denver Broncos 3.) Pittsburgh Steelers 4.) New England Patriots 5.) Miami Dolphins 6.) Cincinnati Bengals NFC 1.) Seattle Seahawks 2.) New Orleans Saints 3.) Green Bay Packers 4.) Dallas Cowboys …

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Sep 03

2014 AFC West Preview

Can the San Diego Chargers be the surprise team in the AFC West? Can anyone run with the Broncos or is it a runaway? Let’s dive in, DENVER BRONCOS Final Record: 12-4 Vegas Odd: 11.5 wins Why I’m Right What can I say about Peyton Manning that hasn’t been mentioned before? He’s destined to be a first …

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Sep 02

2014 AFC South Preview

The AFC South has all the makings of being extremely soft this year with two teams in transition and another with a brand new coach. With that being said, one team has all the makings—and the schedule to make a deep, deep run this year…and it’s, INDIANAPOLIS COLTS Final Record: 13-3 Vegas Odd: 9.5 wins …

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Sep 02

Big Ten Meets the Game of Thrones

This YouTuber guy, Tom McGrath fluffed up a Big 10 commercial by adding the Game of Thrones theme song. It’s pretty sweet,

Aug 29

2014 AFC North Preview

The AFC North is probably going to a battle for the shittiest division of this 2014 season. The division will play one of the top two divisions in the NFL with crossover games against the NFC South but they get a break by playing the AFC South. However with the Browns rebuilding and the Ravens regressing, …

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Aug 27

2014 AFC East Preview

I thought we’d do something a little different this year to kick off the NFL season by predicting every game on the slate from start to finish. In the next week we’ll roll out a preview of each division with little snippets that hopefully you find of interest. We’ll wrap it up with our predictions for the playoffs …

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Jun 25

Nigerian Soccer Player Breaks Arm Off Shot

I play soccer. I play soccer a lot and have so my entire life. I’ve taken countless shots from opponents and teammates off the head, twig and berries, thigh, butt, arm, hand, etc. I NEVER thought it was possible for someone to BREAK their damn arm from a shot until I saw the Nigeria-Argentina game …

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Jun 20

Friday Videos

What a fantastic week. Even if you’re not a soccer fan, you have to appreciate how wonderful this World Cup has been so far. But you know what? If you don’t then I don’t care and I’m tired of trying to convince people that soccer needs respect in the US. You aren’t truly a sports …

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Jun 10

Powerful Ad from American Indians

Game 3 of the NBA Finals tonight will feature a STRONG ad from the National Congress of American Indians encouraging the Washington Redskins to change their name. Judge for yourself, When you think about it, how remarkable is it that the Washington Redskins name has continued up to this point? I understand tradition but this …

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Jun 06

Soccer Version of Uncle Drew

Although this appears to be staged, who cares. I also thought it was fake because the guy has some ridiculous skills. Just watch for yourself, Apparently this guy is called a freestyle footballer and his name is Sean Garnier and represented by Red Bull. Crazy, crazy footwork!

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